My name is Scott Barton and I’m a Certified Professional Master Inspector® trained by InterNACHI.  There is a specific set of standards and code of ethics required for members to follow as well as requiring continuing education hours.

Experience & Integrity

What makes a GREAT home inspector is experience. Not only am I experienced in performing home inspections, I’ve been involved in working on and repairing homes. This background is a major part of identifying defects, things that lead to problems, and subtle clues that are indicators a problem may exist.

Along with being an experienced Home inspector,

  • I am a Certified HVAC technician from Boise State University
  • Skilled as a Maintenance technician for Residential and Commercial buildings
  • Owned a Handyman/AC business specializing in residential properties and have remodeled several homes
  • Having purchased several homes, I am aware of the benefits of a home inspection report, regardless the age of the home

Established Standards

  • The inspection report should be computerized and written in a narrative style with photographs included.
  • The home inspector should be willing and able to go into all accessible areas including crawl spaces, attics and roofs.
  • The inspector should allow the home buyer and his/her representative to be present during the inspection and review the information on site with the buyer after the inspection is performed.
  • The inspector should be available to you by phone or email after he leaves the inspection site to assist in answering any questions that you might still need answered.
  • When buying a home, it is vital to the decision making process to have the most accurate information available to properly assess the current condition of the property. We take great pride in delivering our reports as honestly and factually as possible.
  • A thorough inspection by Genuine Home Inspections is one of the most important tools for a careful buyer or seller. Most real estate transactions involve hundreds of thousands of dollars changing hands. It is essential that everyone is as informed as possible about the physical condition of that property.
  • Every inspection completed by Genuine Home Inspections is guaranteed to be performed at the highest standards set by InterNACHI. InterNACHI prefers to take an active role in ensuring that ethical standards and proper guidelines for the home inspection industry are established and maintained. I have the experience needed to be able to accurately evaluate the condition of a property and to correctly report the relative importance of each item found.

Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI